2022–23 Students Speak

Students Speak

We asked students:
“Which of the Havergal core values (Integrity, Inquiry, Compassion, Courage) resonates the most with you?”

Here’s what they said:

Isley B.

Grade 3

Integrity is most important to me because it means doing the right thing when no one’s looking.

Felicity M.

Grade 3

Integrity is the most important value to me because it shows others respect, compassion and kindness. It is good to have integrity because it helps you grow up to be more helpful, kind, respectful and compassionate.

Seraphina R.

Grade 4

I think the most important Havergal value is compassion. Having compassion builds a strong community, creates bonds between people and helps us understand one another.

Anna N.

Grade 6

To have courage, there are many factors you need to overcome your fears. You need to be confident with yourself, inside and out. Courage is something that everybody has inside of them. You just need to take the right steps to find it. Havergal challenges me to face my fears and overcome my own challenges.

Zoe C.

Grade 7

Out of all the Havergal values, I resonate with courage the most. I am always open to trying new things and I’m not afraid to make a mistake because I know my classmates and friends will always support me no matter what. That’s what I love about the Havergal community: everyone is kind and understanding and they always have positive things to say.

Victoria K.

Grade 7

Integrity is what most resonates with me. This is because of the morals and principles I have developed through my life. They are why I will always stand up for what I believe in.

Naio M.

Grade 7

The Havergal value that means the most to me is courage. With courage, we are able to step out of our comfort zones and take on new challenges. Without the courage to try new things and make mistakes, it’s impossible to learn.

Emma F.

Grade 8

Of the four core Havergal values, I deeply resonate with integrity. Staying true to my beliefs and what I know is best for myself and is key to making the right decisions and being a person whom others can rely on.

Emma P.

Grade 8

The value of integrity grants me the power to advocate for my principles and take a stand for what I believe in, without conforming to peer pressure or compromising my true self.  

Integrity guides my growth as a person and provides me with the freedom to embrace the other three Havergal values, as I continuously inquire about the world around me and strive to practise compassion for others, while trying to remain courageous in the face of injustice that too often plagues our world.

Jainy S.

Grade 9

As a new student at Havergal, the value I resonate with the most is courage. Being new at a school comes with plenty of fears, but, through courage, I was able to find a small spark of strength within. This was enough to help me step out of my comfort zone, meet incredible people, grow as an individual and, most importantly, overcome my fears, which would have taken advantage of who I am today.

Breanna N.

Grade 10

I personally resonate with the Havergal value of inquiry the most because I constantly try to seek answers and approach learning with the idea of exploring, understanding and asking questions that would lead to many more discoveries and possibilities.

Morayo O.

Grade 11

Compassion resonates the most with me because it is the ability to feel for and help those in need. I believe that to build community and connections, one must be compassionate. I have seen how compassion has helped me love and understand other people, especially those who are not like me. And as I head out into the world—one that is heavily divided and lacks much empathy—compassion is the one thing I can carry into it to help make it a better place.

Photo of Isabela.

Isabele DS.

Grade 12

Being a compassionate individual in all aspects of life is something that I deeply resonate with. To be part of a community that emanates compassion is so great because you feel unconditionally supported and seen by everyone within it.

Published April 2023
2022–23 Issue