2022–23 School Captain Profile

Focusing on the Positive

By Heather Hudson
Claire standing next to Havergal's Technology, Design and Innovation Wing.

Meet School Captain 2022–23 Claire Radin

If there’s one thing Claire Radin thrives on, it’s trying new things.

Since joining Havergal in Grade 4, she has participated in just about every co-curricular activity available—from cross country to basketball, robotics to philosophy, DECA to numerous councils. She even went on Exchange to Scotland in Grade 8.

“Havergal has so many opportunities and I’ve had such great experiences joining things I’m interested in, usually on a whim. Over the years I’ve gotten to know so many different people. I always see someone I know when I walk down the halls. It makes life fun and interesting,” Radin says.

Put yourself out there, get involved and find your own niche at Havergal and you’ll be excited to come every day.

Despite never rowing before, the School Captain decided to join the Rowing Team last year. As a former competitive figure skater, she’s no stranger to hard work. “Coming out of the COVID-19 restrictions last year, I wanted to try something new, so I decided to try out for the Rowing Team. It’s a big commitment, but I loved it and I’m doing it again this year.”

The experience is a big part of why she wanted to become School Captain. She appreciated the opportunity to get to know students from all grades. “I learned how important mentorship can be and I want to be part of that as much as I can.”

Claire Radin, her twin sister, Paige, and their parents attend this year’s
Grad Family Breakfast.

Being so enthusiastic about new experiences comes with risks, but Radin says it has helped her adapt to new and sometimes uncomfortable situations. “If something’s not working out my way, I’m pretty good at looking at the bright side.”

She credits her resilience to her experience with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. While her hair has grown back now, in Middle School she was “basically bald.”

“I thought to myself, This is going to be a rough couple of years—or the rest of your life—if you can’t find something funny or good about this. Some of my best jokes and funniest memories come from being bald. It taught me to find the positive.”

Radin (left) and a friend raise spirits at CelSat 2022.

“As School Captain, I want to model that for younger students.”

The recipient of several academic excellence awards for highest proficiency, exceptional academic standing and the highest grades in Economics and AP Advanced Functions, Radin is well-positioned to study biomedical or biochemical engineering next year. Following that, she is considering studying medicine or other post graduate studies.

As she focuses on making the most of her remaining time at Havergal, she’s been reflecting on ways she can help build on traditions and create positive change this year. With the leadership group, Radin wants to bring back the spirit and passion for Havergal she remembers from her younger years. She’s been part of organizing spirit events and creating hype videos for sports teams and she even helped make a funny video demonstrating the appropriate behaviours in Prayers.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is also a priority, and Radin wants to support the Affinity and Alliance Groups in meeting their goals. Wellbeing and mental health are at the forefront as well.

Throughout it all, she’s focused on making Havergal as fun as possible. Her advice to younger students is simple:

“Put yourself out there, get involved and find your own niche at Havergal and you’ll be excited to come every day.”


Published April 2023
2022–23 Issue