2021–22 Snapshots + Art

Student Life at Havergal

Enjoy photos of school life in the Snapshots section and be inspired by the artistic creations of our student artists in The Art Space.


The Art Space

A Variety of Student Art

Junior School

Junior School students express themselves through a variety of artistic methods. Artwork on display in this gallery include: Grade 4 tessellation art (transforming one geometric shape—a square—into an organic shape, which repeats to create a unique pattern with no overlaps or gaps); Grade 3 Notan art (using light/dark and positive/negative contrasts); Grade 1 clay hearts and bug memory games; Junior Kindergarten Peace and Love wax resist paintings, abstract paper sculptures and shapes collages.

Clay Flowers

Grade 7

The Grade 7 Art class created their own unique flower bowls in this project. Students designed the overall shape of their bowl and individual petals both in their sketchbook and by using clay. Students were purposeful in their glaze selection and application, as these give their flowers a lifelike appearance.

Clay Flat Lays and Sketchbook Covers

Grade 8

For the Clay Unit, Grade 8 students explored a variety of clay techniques to emphasize the elements of texture, pattern, shape and colour. They considered visual balance when constructing a composition that is suggestive of quilts and puzzles. Mirrors added a fun, expressive quality. Other work includes images from their sketchbooks. The sketchbook is a documentation of their art journey and offers opportunities for students to explore personal ideas while developing their art drawing and painting skills.  

Sketchbook Art

Grade 9

Grade 9 students began the Art semester with a focus on developing their sketchbooks, an essential creative tool for any artist. Sketchbooks provide an informal way to explore artistic expression and can provide inspiration to artists, as well as a record of their work. Here are some of the sketches, paintings, drawings and collages found in this year’s Grade 9 Art course.

Embroidery & Printmaking

Grade 10

The Grade 10 Visual Arts program offers opportunities for students to engage in merging new technologies with traditional practices of printmaking, bookmaking, textiles and jewelry. Students examine the histories and practices of these artistic forms. They develop their design skills to create unique pieces that consider the function, form and artistic merit. Their art-making is observant of the process-oriented tenets of feminist art and evocative of the practices found in the contemporary art canon.  

Media Arts

Grade 10

The intersection of the digital and traditional art making techniques are expressed in the varied projects of the Grade 10 Media Arts image based work. Grounded in photography, the image creations of students include collage, cyanotypes, design, portraiture and assemblage. Students also examined the role of the elements and principles of design in photography through the work of Andy Goldsworthy and other artists inspired by nature.

Communication Technology Film Posters

Grade 11

These film posters were created by our Grade 11 Communications Technology students and are based on fictional film productions.

Sketchbook Art

Grade 11

Continuing on with habits and skills developed in previous courses, Grade 11 students take their sketchbook art to the next level, including drawings, paintings, collages, watercolours, sketches and other beautiful artwork. Here is a selection of their talent.

Expressive Hand Paintings

Class of 2022

In spring 2021, during remote learning, Grade 11 students (now in Grade 12) worked hard to create these beautiful and expressive paintings. After spending much of the course focusing on observational drawing, students extended their learning by combining skills with creative thinking and using acrylic paint, which many had never used before. Students were tasked with creating a composition that told a story, expressed an emotion or made a personal, social or political statement. They did this using hands as the subject matter. They used their own hands or the hands of their siblings or parents to create these unique and thoughtful pieces.

More art from the Grade 12 Senior Art Class will be on display at the Senior Art Show in spring 2022.

Communications Technology Clocks

Class of 2021

During the 2020-21 school year, the Grade 12 Communication Technology class created clocks by researching and examining product designers who draw on the form and function found in nature.

Students used Adobe Illustrator to create a design for a clock based on the study of a natural object of choice. Magnification, repetition and simplification were among some of the considerations made during the design process.

The final designs were laser cut and engraved using the Glowforge Laser Printer and further assembled by each student.

Alter Egos

Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 Grade 12 Art students created alter ego sketches, which were published in the 2020-2021 Senior Art book (in lieu of the Senior Art Show). Here are their self-portraits.

For more amazing art from our talented students, visit @hc_artspace on Instagram.

Published April 2022
2021–22 Issue